A Cowboy Rides in Heaven

A cowboy rides in Heaven
Roped by Our Father’s hand
To dwell amid the angels
Within the Promised Land
His hat is now a halo
His boots now touch the clouds
His wit and friendly musings
Now charm angelic crowds

He basks amid the sunlight
Fading into the West
His spirit lies within us –
The lives on earth he blessed
We’ll hold each gentle memory
In our hearts, evermore
Until 'Love, Luck, Laughter, Lyle'
Greets us at Heaven’s Door

A cowboy rides with Jesus
Our Father called him Home
To rest within His Kingdom –
A wondrous place to roam
We will always remember
With the highest of acclaim
The strength, love and compassion
Of God’s angel, Lyle Points was his name.

© 2012 – Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection