Visitation / Service / Celebration of Life’ for Lyle Points

We are sad to share that Lyle Eugene Points (also known in the
family as Dad or Grandpa), age 71, of Donnelly, Idaho passed away
on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019.

Lyle loved dearly his family and his friends.  Between his life in Long
Valley, Twin Falls and southern Idaho, time in Moscow at the U of I,
and taking people out to see the elk at his beloved Hap and
Florence Points Sleigh Rides, Lyle knew many people.  And all of his
friends were very dear to him.  So, ALL family and ALL friends and
acquaintances of Lyle Points, please consider yourself cordially
invited to the funeral ceremony we will be having to celebrate him.

As we thought through various ideas, we thought of three traditional
categories of funeral and remembrance.  One a Visitation, Two a
Service, and Three a Celebration of Life.  We thought we would
combine all three in a way that really felt like Lyle / Dad / Grandpa.  
Some of his favorite things were being out with the team of draft
horses, on the wagon, surrounded by family and friends just having
a nice get-together and a nice visit.  So, our plans are to hook up the
team of horses, load him on the wagon, and park next to our people
loading ramp we have for the Sleigh Rides and give him just what he
would have wanted...a place to congregate and visit among friends
and family.

Our ‘Visitation / Service / Celebration of Life’ for Lyle will be held on
Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 at the Hap and Florence Points Sleigh
Ride Parking Lot on Points Ranch, located just a little way south of
13007 Farm to Market Road near Donnelly, Idaho.  Look for the
gravel parking lot with big wood entry posts with a red sign that says
‘Sleigh Rides’.

It will be very informal, like an easy-going family reunion or laid-back
social gathering.  Plan to come see Lyle and see friends and family
you might not have seen for a while.  Have a good time and a good
visit.  Come for 5 minutes or come for 2 hours…Lyle was always one
of the last to leave the party, so this will be no exception!  We can
cry together a little, and hopefully laugh together a lot!  Again, just
how Lyle would want it.  

The schedule of the 'Visitation / Service / Celebration of life'  for Lyle
will be:

1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Open Visitation of Lyle (with the team of horses) /
Open Social Gathering

3:00 – 3:30 p.m. ‘Open Mic’ – Any and All are welcome to Share a
Story, or a Sentiment, or Anything you would like to.  We, and Lyle,
would really enjoy that!

3:30 – 4:00 p.m. – We will share some words of our own, and close
with a Prayer Service.

So, please come out to see us.  We would love to share this day with

**One of Lyle’s biggest loves was of his parents’ Hap and Florence
Points Sleigh Rides.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to
the Sleigh Rides at PO Box 53 Donnelly, Idaho 83615.  Rather than
temporary flowers, these donations will go toward live plants to be
planted in Lyle’s name and memory to enhance the elk habitat.

Post Script:

**Dad was never into even basic modern technology like e-mail and
such.  He never even used his old style flip phone for more than use
as a 'cordless' basic phone.

**We would certainly love to stay in touch with any of his friends
and update our contact information since most of this 'contact
information' was in his head.

**So for anyone interested, please go to the contact page to reach
us with your basic contact information, (and anything else you
want...and remember any pictures you might have as well that you
would like to share with us).  

**If you plan to stay a while, and we sure hope you can, please feel
free to bring any kind of chair or camping style fold out chair for
your well as a drink and a snack if you like.  Again,
anything that you might like to be comfortable to hang out with us
for a while.

**As of today (Tuesday, April 30th, 2019) the accuweather forecast
is calling for:
     52 degrees, Sunny with some clouds Icon, and minimal wind sw
@ 6 mph, with gusts @ 10 mph.

**Being that weather might be 'cool-ish' please remember to bring
appropriate clothing items to stay comfortable...notably a jacket and
light gloves and/or hat perhaps!

**We will be adding a page for anyone wanting to send a line, a
thought, an anecdote...anything they would like to share about dad.  
Please contact us

--Definitely trying to be thorough with information...if anybody has
an idea or thought about anything I haven't covered, I welcome your
suggestions or ideas so please reply if you have any.  Thanks.

--If you forwarded the original announcement invitation email
message on to anyone, if you could please forward this info on as
well...Thank You.

--From here on in, keep checking the '' website
(1. Visitation / Service / Celebration of Life Invitation Page) as any
further detail (if any) we will update there.

Thanks Again and Looking Forward to Seeing All Who Can Attend!
Celebration of Life