The trip to view the elk lasts approximately 45-50 minutes.

During that time, you will be on a horse drawn sleigh
with hay bales for seats
so dress appropriately and

The cliche about 'wait five minutes for the weather to change'
definitely holds true.  Besides being a Winter Activity on its
face, other factors can catch a person off guard.  The
temperature can drop, it can be windy, or the wind can pick up,
it can begin to snow, or in combination.  Being seated for 45-50
minutes prevents movement as an option to help stay warm.  
As with anything, being prepared and comfortable is probably
the biggest single factor in enjoying an experience.  We
recommend full winter gear from winter hat, scarves and boots,
to gloves, jackets, under-layers, and snow bibs...even hand and
toe warmers!  Blankets are also a GREAT idea.  These are
items we wear, plus sometime many more layers, as we find
the cold can definitely penetrate after a couple of hours

Plan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to your
scheduled trip.  That will allow enough time for you to...
--- get checked in
--- get prepared, warm clothes, cameras, etc.
--- board the sleigh.  
--- and that all too important ‘last chance’
opportunity to use the restroom before the hour long
trip...once you’re on the sleigh, you’re on the sleigh!

When you arrive at the parking lot, there may or may not be an
attendant there.  If there is not, there will be one there shortly,
so hold tight.

Also, when you arrive to the parking lot, please keep noise
and activity to a minimum.  There are porta-potties available,
otherwise its best to stay in or near your vehicle until checking
in for your scheduled ride.  The elk are WILD, and though they
are a good distance away, their sight and hearing are keen at
great distance.  
So again please keep activity and noise to
a minimum.

Bring cameras...there are plenty of photographic

Wheel Chair accessible.

Feel free to bring personal snack items.  In fact we
recommend bringing snacks for those bringing children.

No Alcohol or Smoking please.